About us

Cubi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is committed to doing our part in improving the health and lives of the public through the development of innovative drug products, optimisation of manufacturing process of pharmaceuticals and though offering advanced characterisation techniques to our customers and partners.

Cubi-Tech mission is to provide advanced insights into drug development and formulation through advanced API screening, economical manufacturing process and thorough Physiochemical characterisation in order to develop safe and effective dosage forms.

Cubi-Tech is a manufacturing and testing organisation, outfitted with a well-equipped tablet development lab a complete hot-melt extrusion line.

Cubi-Tech employs renown experts in tableting and extrusion technologies to ensure your products are produced the most efficient, cost-effective, safest, environmentally friendly and overall economical manner possible.

Cubi-Tech has a number of computational and experimental techniques to allow for thorough drug screening at its disposal, as well as a pedigree in identifying suitable multi-component systems, to suit our customers needs.
With our staffs expertise and knowledge, Cubi-Tech can provide a range of preformulation services to identify suitable techniques to enhance a range of properties of our customers API.

Cubi-Tech is also outfitted with an advanced material characterisation lab, equipped with a wide array of analytical equipment to help discover everything there is to know about your molecules.
Led by our experienced team and collaborative approach, our analytical services compliment our proficiency in drug development and manufacturing to provide the most efficient path to success for our customers.
Cubi-Tech is equipped with a range of physical, chemical, dissolution, stability and microbiological testing equipment to allow us to discover every necessary detail about a molecule to suit our customers formulation, development and validation needs.

It is through these areas that we believe Cubi-Tech can do our part in providing our customers and the greater medical community with the most efficient part to success and contribute to a healthier and happier world.